• Chris D'Ambra

Get ready to be scammed!

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

It's no secret we're in for at least a small recession from all this virus chaos. That means many contractors will be promising you the world to get your business. And this is where the nightmares begin...

It's very likely you or someone you know has been the 'victim' of an unscrupulous contractor. I highlight 'victim' because entering into a contract is a two way street and many homeowners who've found themselves at the end of a nightmare project can usually trace back to the instant things went bad to their own poor judgement - and usually find the result to be due to going with the cheapest quote. Because after all, don't we all do the same thing? It's like buying a car, right? If one dealer is cheaper than the other, I'll just go buy from him.

What you might not understand is that what we do is creative, not mass producing a product. Not everyone is capable of doing things well in this business, but some are better at convincing you they can.

Over the last decade or so construction has boomed and with it the amount of contractors entering the field. Because the real estate business in this state is an expensive one, there are many expenses smaller, more inexperienced contractors fail to estimate that when the time comes find themselves in a bind on how to pay or pass on to you, their client when they didn't account for it on the front end during negotiations.

Now that we're on the verge of a much weaker time in this business combined with the shear amount of those trying to make a living in it, be prepared to hear promises and illusions of grandure in order to secure your project. We've lived through and successfully navigated at least four major downturns since the late 1960's and each one was the same when it came to this. This one will be no different and I assume (and expect) the California civil courts will be packed with homeowner lawsuits suing their contractors during and after this next downturn.

Don't be one of them.

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