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About D'Ambra Construction

     As with most small business entrepreneurs, Dennis D'Ambra began the company working out of a small two bedroom apartment with his wife, Kathy, in Westminster in the mid 1960s, eventually moving to a new home in Seacliff near the Seacliff golf course in Huntington Beach in the early 70's. The third car garage of that home was used as the D'Ambra Construction headquarters until a few years later after purchasing a small home on Westminster Blvd just west of Beach Blvd and converting it into what would become the company office for almost fifteen years.   

     In 2004 the company took advantage of the opportunity to purchase an empty lot in Huntington Beach where the current office was built from the ground up and continues to serve both Dennis' and Kathy's businesses. 


     As Mrs. D'Ambra's tax business grew (C.A.T.S. Tax Service (contractors accounting and tax service)), the need for more space led them to buy a large abandoned building down the street in the late 1980s. (below). 

DAmbra Office.JPG

     What began from a two bedroom apartment in the mid 1960s has grown into one of Orange County's most successful home remodelers today. And anyone will tell you the only way to achieve that level of growth and success over that period of time - especially in this business - is by putting our clients first. Sure, that sounds like a cliché. But when you hire a contractor to work on your home, you aren't just hiring a company to come build you a product as if you were buying any other product, you're inviting us to come live with you for three to four months in a very intimate way. Remember, you're going to have twenty or thirty different strangers coming and going during that time all with different personalities - most you're going to like and get along with, some maybe not so much. Ask anyone of our past clients and they'll tell you how seamless we make the process. It's the very reason your decision to hire us over anyone else should be an easy one. 

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